For the outer jacket, padding, insulation,  TTR cables of PVC formulations are specifically tailored to produce granules. Maximum cold and hot resistance, migration is the minimum level of Temperature range of -40 ° C and 70 ° C, 90 ° C, 105 ° C, 125 ° C  the smoke suppressant resistant pvc. Compounds with the desired electrical voltage-voltage characteristics. In addition to oil and sea water resistant to oils, ozone resistant Compounds

Areas of application;

  • Low-voltage
  • High-voltage cables
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Flat transmission cables
  • Coaxial cables, radio and antenna
  • Marine Cables

RoHS and REACH compliant, Phthalate Free, Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, UV Resistant, Heat Resistant Compounds developed by FORPLAS. Our Compounds Suitable for Energy, Telecommunication, Data Transmission, Coaxial,Signal,ControlCablesetc.

• TI 1 General Purpose insulation PVC Compound (70°C)
• TI 2 General Purpose, flexible insulation PVC Compound (70°C)
• TI 3 Heat Resistant insulation PVC Compound (90°C)
• TM 1 General Purpose Sheathing PVC Compound (70°C)
• TM 2 Flexible Cable Sheathing PVC Compound (70°C)
• TM 3 Heat Resistant PVC Sheathing Compound (90°C)
• TM 5 Oil Resistant (ASTM 2 Oil), Sheathing Type PVC Compound
• TM 51 / TM 52 / TM 53, EN 50290-2-22 Sheathing Communication Cable Types of PVC Compound
• ST1 IEC 60502 Sheathing PVC Compound for Power Cables (80°C)
• ST2 IEC 60502 Sheathing PVC Compound for Power Cables (90°C)
• PVC/A, IEC 60502 Insulation PVC Compound for Power Cables
• Bedding General Purpose, migration-free PVC Compound for wide cable applications
• (FR) Fire Resistant Sheathing and Insulation PVC Compounds for IEC 60332 test series
• Special PVC Compounds for cable market requirements (Oil Resistant, Alf Hydrocarbon Resistant, Cold Resistant, Ultraviolet Resistant etc.)


For wide temperature ranges, Special PVC Compounds designed with special additives for Automotive market. These Compounds provide thin wall thickness, high extrusion speed, chemical resistant, Fire performances.
• T2 ISO 6722 Class B (-40°C +105°C Insulation Compound)
• T3 ISO 6722 Class C (-40°C +125°C Insulation Compound)

All our products are certified and the company is under warranty. Please contactus for more information.