About Us

Our company has been producing soft and hard PVC granules for injection and extrusion for the Automotive, Electricity, White Goods, Medical, Agriculture, Construction, Shoes, Furniture, Stationery sectors, without compromising its quality since 1977.

It serves its customers with 100% result with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that has completed its R&D infrastructure. The requested materials are analyzed within 3 working days at the latest, and the desired raw material comes to the production stage.

Thanks to our competence, we are proud of fulfillment of all demands of our customers in the bestpossible tirms. For this reason our company has taken deserved share in the sector and grovwng steadily day by day. Our annuall capacity is over than 5.000 tonnes. The production is carried out in our factory in Istanbul Ikitelli industrial zone.

Since 2008, we have starded to provide more qualified service to the customers by ISO 9001 certification and improving our laboratuary section. Also our machinery park has been upgraded completely and has reached Europian norms in order to improving both the raw materials quality and the production capacity.


To increase MAKROPLAST one more step every day by increasing our annual production capacity. To equip all our machinery and equipment with the latest technology with our production capacity and to follow the technology at all times. To become a leading company in the plastic industry and to keep the sector at the highest levels.


With our experience in customer demands as quickly as possible to fulfill. Developing technology to grow with each passing day, surely. Keep within the same high standard of quality certificates and has always produced products while maintaining the best product we deliver.

Quality Policy

The owner of the products that we produce with our ISO 9001 certificate to provide top-level quality. Machinery and equipment to keep up with the latest technology in our own configuring.